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Skis for beginners

Iím 15. Any advice?

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Ohw. I don't know yet your skill level. But for that age, I suggest you watch ski videos, read books, online articles about skiing. Then practice with a professional instructor. But equipment and gears that you feel comfortable with. A ski trip must always be fun. So enjoy every moment of it. You can visit toursdesport.com to know where's the best ski resort that fits you.

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Have you tried skiing before? well the best way to learn skiing is to read more articles about it you could also watch some videos and the most important thing to do is to practice.
Best Ski Resorts
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Do a demo day at a local mountain. You can try a bunch of different skis that way and see which ones you like best.
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You will enjoy Skiing,Snowboarding,Snow Sports, 3 O'Clock and the runs off of Ski, Snowboard.
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I just jumped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read but I appreciate your thoughts anyway. Thank you for reading something worthwhile.

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