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Dynastar contact 10 opinions

I'm thinking about buying a pair of '09 Dynastar Contact 10 skis on sale for $575. Does anyone have any experience/opinions with these skis? Thanks.

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Yes, I have a pair with the PX 12 Bindings,
Mine would actualy be '07, because I bought them at an end-of-season sale for AUD $600.
Very pleased with them, will do anything I ask (probably out perform the skier, if U know what I mean). I do mainly stick to runs/trails , but can be out in all weathers / conditions, no probs.

"The Ski Mag" (Aussie magazine) gave them an excellent rap as well.
You should not be disappointed.

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Hi, thanks for the post Andy. I actually did buy these skis last season and I've enjoyed them a lot too.
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