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oli 27-10-08 11:53 AM

Tired of carrying my equipment

I'm tired of carrying my equipment over my shoulder every time i want to go to skiing.

Does anyone have any good solutions on how it would be easier to carry my stuff?


yarddog313 27-10-08 11:33 PM

Lol, um get a locker?

skiier1 29-12-11 05:57 PM

Try the ski-lash ski carrier. It's available at It seems to be the best ski carrier available.

aham73 09-02-12 04:48 PM

A few packs by Camelbak and Osprey are small enough to not get in the way all day, but can also hold your stuff walking to and from the car. I used to have one but got rid of it because our mountains in PA are so small, and the walks so short.

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