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emostkov 20-04-10 09:16 PM

Blizzard X-Cross 11 ski
Please Help.
I've recently purchased ski from Blizzard, and I am not sure it is right for my level/experience...
It is X-Cross 11 (2006 model) in perfect condition, the question is if it is right for me (I can return it to the store with full refund of my money).
I ski for 8 years, doing blue and red slopes. Not too agressive, and skiing with moderate to fast speeds, only on made slopes, no jumps, pipes or parks.

So who can tell me if those are the ski for me? Couldn't find any comments or revies on the net...

Please HELP.

Thank you in advance


trojan 21-04-10 04:23 AM

u should be a strong agressive skier for those skis. can u try them once before u return them?
r u from Europe? I've never heard of red runs in the U.S.

emostkov 24-04-10 12:42 PM

Blizzard X-Cross 11
Thank you for the reply.
Well, I ski in Europe. Last 2 seasons in 3 Valees, France.

I used the ski for a week there and now I have the possibility to return them :) That was the deal when I bought them (the dealer was a nice guy).
I felt it is hard for me to ski in low to moderate speeds... When my wife is a slow skier, I usually ski with her.
That is why I am not sure if this is the ski for me. And I do not beleave I willl ski aggressively and in fast speeds in the future too.

My delema is whether I should buy other ski, but to buy one that will be advanced enough not to restrict me...

And in Europe the slopes are Green, Blue, Red, Black -> No slopes (off piste).

Will apreciate your advice.


trojan 25-04-10 01:56 AM

I've never used this ski, but it sounds like it likes to be skied aggresively. Since it doesn't sound like you plan on doing so, it's probably not the best ski for you. One suggestion have is the Rossignol Phantom SC 87. It is a great all-mountain ski at all speeds. I demoed them and they were a lot of fun. I was going to get them, but i decided to go with a wider ski that will be better for trees and powder. I'm getting Fischer Watea 94s which are also good all mountain skis, but more for someone who likes to go off-piste at least occasionally or just enjoys a wider ski.

emostkov 27-04-10 07:50 PM

Thanks again for the help.
I quite agree with you, the only one problem is that in Israel (I happened to live here) there is only one descent ski store network, and they import Blizzard only :)
So I'll probably have to pick somthing from their assortiment.

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