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Bulbuzor 26-11-10 09:38 PM

Changing my skis
Hi guys :)
First post here

I am actually in the process of buying new skis, because my "old" ones are too small now (haved really skied last 2/3 seasons, but now I'm motivated), they are 150cm and I am 183cm

I bought great boots to my friend for 60 bucks last week, Salomon Performa 6.0, he bought them new for like $250 2 years ago, and they are still in really good condition.

I am searching to buy skis, but I would like something that is a quite good quality, better then the ones I had to now

With around $300 in budget, can I find something good that is like 1/2 years old? Is there any thing you could suggest? (I'd like parabolic)
Also, any ideas on the length I should take? Considering I am 6 feet tall (183cm), not skinny but not fat (around 135/140lbs) (16 years old)

Consider my skis would be for pretty much everything, normal rides, off-rails, some jumping, etc

Thanks a lot in advance! :D

larry.mitchell 27-11-10 08:44 PM

I am looking for some old used equipment for some friends. If your insterested in selling them please contact me.

Thanks in advance,


Bulbuzor 27-11-10 08:56 PM

Bought my skis today, Atomic M8 unused from the store they had left from 2/3 years ago, they look nice :)

Larry, I live in Québec Canada, my "old" skis are Rossignol Cobra 150cm, wouldn't the shipping cost a lot for you?

Peace out :)

larry.mitchell 28-11-10 03:17 AM

Shipping cost
Actually, depending on how much your asking price is and the actual shipping cost, it could be worth it.

Shipping would not cost so much, its relative to how fast I need them :)

Let me know,



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