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daleintampa 25-12-10 04:28 AM

Which resort is better in NC
Going to NC this week with my Wife and two Girls 8 and 10. they have never skiied before and will be their first time seeing snow. Cant decide between Beach mountain or Sugar mountain resort. Sugar costs more. I would asume Sugar is better due to the price but any suggestions would be Awesome. thanks

Haston 09-01-11 04:02 AM

I'm wondering where you decided to go and what you thought of it. I just got back from a trip to Sugar and was very happy with my first skiing experience. I was told by a local up there that Beach was pretty much ice and Sugar was the better of the two options last week. I can't wait to go back and improve my skills but I don't want to do it on ice.

daleintampa 09-01-11 06:40 AM

We skiied Sugar. Heard better things about Sugar. and they have more slopes. We had a Blast. There are a few things that I'll do different next time though. Like NOT renting ski equiptment from a place other than the resort. I did and had to carry that crap. saved me about $20.00. Next time, I will rent from the resort and stay Slopeside.

We stayed in Banner Elk but 1 mile from resort. Next time, we will book way ahead and stay Slopeside. Reason why is at lunch time, you can just take the skiis off and head inside for a sandwich or whatever. a lot cheaper than $14 for some chicken fingers and a drink. and when your buying for 4, its around $50.

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