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JamieB 12-01-11 10:14 PM

Snowblading?! :O
I've recently taken skiing up again after a couple of years & just joined at my local dry slopes. I plan to book a holiday with my girlfriend later this year who's new to skiing & whilst looking for gear I discovered snowblades, did a little youtubing & I want some!

I'd be grateful to know, if anyone can tell me, whether using blades on dry slopes will ruin them & make them useless on snow. The last thing I wanna do is spend 200 only to find out I can only use them on the dry slopes cause they're too knackered to handle snow.

Also I'm 6'3" & weigh in at an unhealthy 17stone but my level of fitness isn't all that bad! If anyone can give me any pointers on what sort of design to go for it'd be awesome... I also love the idea of hitting the ramps & I like to snowbath people when I come to an immediate stop XD So I don't know if I'd be better off getting two pairs to suit all of my interests...

I look forward to hearing from anyone. It'd be good to know who uses what & what for :D


Andy B. 14-01-11 09:13 AM

Yep, I think U had better get fit for the snowbladin' Jamie Boy. .........................

Meanwhile, someone needs to show & help your G/F with the finer points of Skiing, like you said the poor girl is only just startin' out , & you've got to come to grips with ya 'blades !!!

Cheers, ( the ever helpfull)

JamieB 14-01-11 11:49 AM

After a little research and looking at different blades I notice many people have the view that it's best, if you've never ski'd before, to start out on some short skis, and in a lot of cases many people have said blades help you to progress to skis should you be having difficulty with them. I'm fairly good with skis but I love the idea of the flexibility of blading, and I'd rather be hitting jumps with blades than skis.

We're both going for an all day beginners lesson in Norwich as Trowse & Norfolk Ski Club is our local club. I'm pretty confident that I'm going to sail through so I'm hoping that, as I'll need less tuition, the instructor(s) can concentrate more on her. And as soon as we're joined up I'm going to get myself some blades :D

But yeah I'll continue to drill into her the basic techniques they first teach so she won't be alone and I'm very patient, but she's a quick learner thank god :D I really want to take her on a skiing holiday and hopefully if her confidence builds she'll enjoy it as much as I do!

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