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Michael 04-12-04 01:09 PM

Dear Members,

I have now enabled a feature so you can inform us when you are going skiing. To do this open the calendar and add a new event or click the link below.

When adding an event you can make it a ranged event to show us how long you are away. Also make the title of the event "Ski Trip [USERNAME]" so we can tell who is skiing.


HostBidder 05-12-04 12:15 AM

I've just added mine, can't wait to go. :)

Michael 05-12-04 12:37 AM

Thanks, we'll all be able to see when you're away now.

Spencer 01-02-05 07:23 PM

Cool idea. I'll be going skiing in a few weeks. I'll be sure to add it.

Michael 01-02-05 07:45 PM

Yes :) I'm going on the 13th of this month. Not long now. Where are you going?

Spencer 02-02-05 03:32 PM

I'll be going to Okemo in Vermont.

NumBa1Stunna516 02-09-05 02:42 AM

I havnt decided yet. Sometime december. I will be sure to add it when I know forsure though.

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