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GreggT 19-12-12 10:20 PM

Carbon Fiber Skis_how come they never caught on?
I know production is expensive......but besides that, it would seem there's alot to be said for CF. A couple yrs back Audi Engineering & Dev. made some headway and showed some skis.....then nothing. Goode has great poles but I'm not sure where they're at on their skis.

GreggT 03-01-13 12:19 PM

And this has something to do with CF skis?

Midwest 04-02-13 08:55 PM

I ski on a pair of Volkl VWerks Code Speedwalls and they are CF, Ti and Kevlar. I'd say they are an amazing ride... quick, fast, light but expensive.

GreggT 04-02-13 09:11 PM

The VWorks Code "Full Sensor wood core" CF?
I was looking for their weight.....couldn't find it in the specs.

Midwest 05-02-13 12:27 AM

yes the skis are wood core with top skin of CF / Kevlar and Ti. Not sure of the weight either but I can assure you they are lighter by maybe 20% or more than other skis I've owned.

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