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zlathim 30-06-07 07:20 PM

Summer Time Blues
I don't know about you guys, but I am totally jonesing for some snow!! We are halfway through the calendar year, so that means a short 5 month wait.

Since I have been thinking about skiing so much lately, I decided to go through some pics from last year. Everyone who say my posts over the winter knows that my main ski buddy is my son Zach, who is now 4. Here we are at the top of the hill just before a run:

We skiied a lot last year. We skiied every Monday from Mid December through most of March, and most weeks we went at least one other day of the week for night skiing. here's what our passes looked like when the season was over. You get one sticker for every day (or night) that you ski. My pass has more stickers because I went a few times with friends from work and didn't take Zach:

We really like the night skiing. Here is a picture of me and Zach at sunset, ready for some sweet runs:

Here's Zach and his mother on one of only a few trips she was able to make with us:

Usually she remained at home to watch after this little princess, who will probably start skiing maybe at the end of this next ski season. She will be almost two by then and should be able to handle it. That is of course if i get the ok from her mother.

I know i have posted some of these pictures before, my apologies for anyone bored by seeing them again!

canadianskier 18-07-07 09:01 PM

I have some summer time killers for you. I have been doing alot of working out, ski specific stuff. But the best thing to do on a hot stinkin' summer day is turn on the TV and watch lots of ski porn. I find looking at all that snow cools me down lol. cheers:P

zlathim 24-07-07 02:38 AM

I hear ya canadian skier! I am in desperate need of some conditioning right now. I have about 3 1/2 months to get my sorry butt in shape. Last season I was conditioned well prior to the season, and I hope to be that way again this season, I just need to get to work!

Thanks for the advice on the ski porn, I need to get a fix somehow!!

zlathim 22-08-07 10:21 PM

OK, I said I would do it and I am. I started my conditioning workouts about a week ago. So far I am just working on cardio and strengthening my legs. I will be into full body conditioning in another week.

I don't really do a skiing specific workout regime, but I do throw in some stuff I learned on this site and others. I big game hunt starting in October, so I have way less time to train for that. I figure that if I can get into good enough shape to hunt the steep stuff all October, then hit my skiing specific exercises from the end of October through early december I will be good to go.

It is the same routine that I used last year and I felt great all season last year.

snoskichk121 29-10-07 09:37 PM

i need to condition too. cute pics, u guys looked like u had fun! i cant wait til the snow comes! Bring on the snow!!!!!

canadianskier 01-11-07 09:09 PM

My off season exercise is ruined!!! Healing from a broken collarbone for weeks now, but will be healed before the season starts :D Decided to go really fast on my mountain bike and fly off it :disappointed:

Michael 06-11-07 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by canadianskier (Post 2019)
My off season exercise is ruined!!! Healing from a broken collarbone for weeks now, but will be healed before the season starts :D Decided to go really fast on my mountain bike and fly off it :disappointed:

This is the exact same injury that happened to me before last years ski season, I broke my collarbone playing rugby. It took about 6 - 8 weeks to heal and thankfully it was fine for skiing, however I found that it would hurt sometimes after skiing for long periods of time!

zlathim 06-11-07 02:39 PM

Sorry to hear that canadianskier.

I have been sidelined for the past week or so with a sore knee. Nothing serious, but I want to be safe and so I am trying to limit my physical activity until it feels normal.

Good luck on the rehab.

snoskichk121 06-11-07 07:37 PM

oh, that really stinks. Good thing that you will be back in ski condition when skiing starts, canadianskier!

canadianskier 11-11-07 10:12 PM

Been off for almost 6 weeks. Going skiing first week of December ready or not lol. Feels good now though, I think I will be fixed before my bike will be!!!

snoskichk121 12-11-07 11:30 PM

ha, yea you might want to get a new mountain bike...maybe AFTER ski season is over though, bikes cost alot of money, and i often find that i dont have alot during ski season. cant wait til december 1st

canadianskier 17-11-07 12:36 AM

Bike is pretty nice I think I'll keep it, its worth fixing. Just need to stay on it.....:D
Healing nicely though and will be skiing in no time.

tanababd 18-11-11 01:01 PM

that boy would go a long way

philipabraham 22-12-11 04:28 AM

Such a good one.

otisdelarosa 14-03-13 03:27 AM

Looks like you're really having fun when skiing, huh!

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