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soph 29-10-07 05:29 AM

Where to ski on the east coast?
wnat to go sking weekend of december 7th. live in va only want to drive 6 hours max - that puts me as far north as new york.

anyone been skiing that early in the NY / PA / WV areas?

were would you go?



mortabunt 23-09-08 07:16 PM

Seven Springs (I think it is in Pennsylvania.)
Snowshoe (In West Virginia.)
Whitetail (Small in Pennsylvainia, but has varriety.)
Liberty (Only worth going to once you can do blues.)

lineskier02 15-10-08 02:43 AM

Yo seven springs is a sick resort for park but thats about it . . but wont be open that early, thats my everyday mountain and wont open till about christmas or so.

RichH 15-10-08 04:58 AM

As well as the resorts mentioned about then think about Canaan Valley and Timberline in WV. They are very close to each other so you could do a day at each. It is early in the season though so you'd better pray for snow and for them to open. I've seen vouchers for cheap Canaan pre-Christmas lift tickets in some of the DC ski shops in the past - keep an eye out.

Whitetail and Liberty mentioned above are ok for day trips if you live close enough, but I doubt if the snow will be good enough that early in the season (they may well not be open).

mortabunt 15-10-08 04:35 PM

Luck you, Seven Springs is like a once a year thing for me :(.

yarddog313 15-10-08 10:00 PM

if you wanted to add a couple hours onto your trip, you could make it up to LP and hit up the face. If this season is anything like last season, we had some epic conditions and massive snowfall in the preseason. I think the best conditions of the season were in early december. Not to mention they are opening Lookout Mtn this season, so more terrain

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