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Unregistered 07-01-08 05:25 AM

Video of man falling of of chairlift
I caught this video of a man hanging off of a chairlift after he collided with a support beam. Feel free to comment or repost!

rogerrockmore 24-01-08 07:47 AM

oh snap! danger!!

how to buy skis are there any restrictions? i wanna try freestyle skiing

Adam 28-01-08 11:44 PM

Thats funny but I think this one takes the cake!

Always make sure your not attached :D

extreme_me 05-02-08 01:45 AM

Dangerous huh?!?!Does he wants to know stunts and apply it to skiing?
How did that happen?

the way you's just the way you are
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Mr.Crizi 20-02-08 02:15 PM

i guess he was swinging the chair in the first vid.. but he was lucky it wasnt no rocks or nor was it very high... lucky man.. and second one hahah!

ski122506 26-02-08 04:03 PM

Wow, its pretty scary for the first video. Glad that guy was okay.

As for the second video, it seems like something from saturday night live, but glad that wasnt me. Gotta becareful on the slopes, can get nasty out there.

Take care

polishpilot 20-11-09 05:48 AM

haha reminds me of when me and my friends go skiing. We go on a secluded trail with a lift that is pretty close to ground ( within 5 to 10 ft ) and when there is powder underneath ( around a foot ) we jump of the lift.

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