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sold1erx 10-02-08 08:53 PM

Trying freestyle and need advice
i am starting to try some jumps off the small bumps i am just trying and have no clue what to do just trying by my self and falling
i just need some starting tips how to start freestyle

danger 11-02-08 12:58 AM

dont fall and be good then get sponsored and become a pro, thats about it

sold1erx 11-02-08 05:10 AM

easy to say it when i dont even know what i am doing
that wont even help me not to fall

danger 11-02-08 09:29 PM

i was kidding, i would start out with 90ing onto flat boxes and doing jumps on the tp, also make sure youre comfortable with going switch and a first trick should be a 180

sold1erx 11-02-08 10:34 PM

my problem is i dont even know what to do when i do the jump and how do land after the jump thats why i fall dawn i was never told how to do it im just trying on my own

Line101 11-02-08 11:22 PM

well the main thing is when you go off the jump to have your legs about shoulder with apart and do try to pop off the lip of the jump or anything just ride off it

when you are coming down about to land just dont freak out and land with your wait evenly between your skis dont land on your edges

the most important part is being comfortable in the air and that just comes in time

sold1erx 11-02-08 11:26 PM

but would you know if shorter or longer skiis are better or worse for jumps?
i hope to go this sunday skiing and try it thanks again
and see if it works by me

Line101 11-02-08 11:27 PM

ya well when you are doing park you want your skis to be at about your chin to your eyes

well good luck

sold1erx 11-02-08 11:32 PM

im about 5'7" ill check to see the size when i rent

scottp96145 12-02-08 06:03 AM

Hmmm--- Sounds like you need some instruction or a clinic from a pro (ski instructor who specializes in teaching P & P stuff). Next time you are at your ski hill check with the ski school and see what they recommend.

Your local ski shop can also give you advice on the appropriate P & P ski to rent and proper length ski.

Areas with parks / pipes usually have one or more qualified instructors available to show you a few things.

Most of the information you need is available on line, either on the ski manufacturers web site or the ski areas web site.

sold1erx 12-02-08 10:11 PM

thanks scott will do

justskiit 07-07-08 05:34 PM

Look away,
Here is another candidate for a Darwin award. Don't dive into the shallow end of the gene pool.

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