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Merkava 21-02-08 03:08 PM

Volkl 320 sr
Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and would like to say hiya to all.

I am looking at a pair of 2005 Volkl 320 sr ski's.

What is the consensus about these ski's are they good? What does the sr mean?

I mainly ski new play dry artificial (8 hours per week) and Tamworth every 2 weeks with 1 week in icy Scotland and 1 week on the continent each year. I am an improving intermediate.

Are they a good ski? I cant find many reviews on the web with them being quite old.

Thanks for any advice (my other option is the Orion Hyper Carbons but i'd rather stick with German than Bulgarian or am I just a snob?)



happyjack 30-10-08 09:30 PM

Hey Merkava!

I've just joined this forum looking to find out more about skiing in Scotland. What can you tell me? How many times have you been? Have you tried different resorts? When do you usually go? What's driving like?

I have been to lots of ski resorts across Europe and enjoyed most apart from the Czech Republic. Maybe we can swap ideas?

I would prefer to go to Europe, but it is horribly expensive for the half term week I have planned.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Happy Jack

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