How To Choose The Right Ski Boots

Experts agree; your most important investment in ski equipment is your ski boots. Choosing the right ski boots makes the difference between an enjoyable ski holiday and one that’s filled with discomfort or even cut short by injury. – click here to read entire entry

Recommended Ski Season Exercises

Following our successful article on exercises you should be during the off-season, we are pleased to bring you part #2 which covers some useful stretches to do during your days skiing. – click here to read entire entry

Guide To Good Ski Clothing

When selecting snow skiing clothing it’s important to know how insulation works. A good example is your cat or dog’s winter coat. Fur closest to its body is short, thick, soft, and dense to retain body heat. Outer fur is coarser and longer. It traps air to keep cold out, and sheds water easily. – click here to read entire entry

Essential Off-Season Skiing Exercises

You see Olympic skiers catch the air and you wonder how they make it look so easy. Although a lot of the ease comes with years of practice, expert skiers devote much of their practice to developing body awareness through regular skiing exercises. – click here to read entire entry

Skiing Tips For Learners & Beginners

So, your friends invited you to their next ski holiday. Should you go? YES! Even if you have never skied before, a ski holiday is a good way to build friendships and create lasting and enjoyable memories. Just take a few steps in preparation using these beginning ski tips and you’ll glide through your first ski holiday like a pro! – click here to read entire entry

How To Pick A Good Ski Resort

Vail and Chamonix are just a couple of ski resort areas that bring visions of pristine white powder under bright winter sunshine. Yet, for many, a trip to a ski resort in Switzerland or Colorado isn’t in the budget. Even so, you may find the right ski resort close to your back yard! Choose the right ski resort by considering all elements from price and place to weather and when! – click here to read entire entry

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