Skiing Tips For Learners & Beginners

So, your friends invited you to their next ski holiday. Should you go? YES! Even if you have never skied before, a ski holiday is a good way to build friendships and create lasting and enjoyable memories. Just take a few steps in preparation using these beginning ski tips and you’ll glide through your first ski holiday like a pro!

Exercise Now!

Skiing is a sport that gives you plenty of good outdoor exercise, but you’ll need to be physically fit before you go. Experts suggest that you begin exercising at least 8 weeks before you begin skiing. Still, there’s no time like the present! Starting now can put you in top shape on the slopes and make learning to ski a whole lot easier. Start preparing for your ski holiday by building strength with a good ski exercise program.

Packing for the Powder

Skiers dress in multiple layers. In selecting clothing for skiing, you’ll need a base layer (next to your skin) a mid layer (shirts and tops) and an outer layer (jacket, gloves, and trousers).

Leave your jeans and sweatpants at home unless you intend to wear them Après-ski. Any clothing that can get wet will get wet – if it isn’t water proof. If ski trousers aren’t in your budget, at least wear shells (pull up waterproof pants) but remember, thicker pants provide both pads for spills and insulation for chills… and ski lifts aren’t cushioned; they’re hard and cold.

Bring two pairs of waterproof gloves or mittens. When one pair gets wet, you’ll have a dry spare.

Your jacket should zip. It needn’t be incredibly warm as long as it’s large enough to accommodate multiple layers worn beneath it.

If there’s only one thing you buy, make it socks. Ski socks are generally less than $10.00 a pair and although that may sound pricey for a pair of socks, good ski socks are designed with extra padding for ankles, toes, and shins for both extra warmth and extra protection. You’ll also need good ski socks for boot fitting whether you rent or buy.

Rent or buy?

A complete outfit of good ski gear can costs thousands of dollars and differs according to your skill level and the type of skiing you enjoy. Friends who ski may lend you some smaller ski gear items like clothing, goggles, ski helmet, hats, and headbands. That leaves you with the major decision of whether to rent or buy skis and/or ski boots. Most beginning skiers choose to rent ski equipment for their first trip to the slopes.
Your most important pieces of ski gear are you boots. Boots need to fit comfortably in order to keep you both warm and safe. However, you can rent good ski boots that will suffice for one ski holiday if you follow the same steps you would in choosing ski boots for purchase.

Long, skinny skis might look tempting, but as a beginner skier, you’ll need the short ones. Shorter skis are easier to control. Follow the advice of the sales or rental clerk and be honest about your no-skill level. They’ll use their expertise to guide you in the right direction.

Ski Friendly – Not Lonely

Your friends obviously invited you to their ski holiday because you’re good company. However, don’t expect your friends to give up their time on the slopes to teach you how to ski. Most ski resorts have “bunny slopes” for novice skiers and skilled instructors who help beginners learn the basics of skiing. Be prepared to take advantage of their expertise.

While you might think that you’re “out of the inner circle”, you aren’t. As you speed down the bunny slope, you’ll be no more alone than your friend who is catching air on the black diamond, and you’ll definitely be having just as much fun! Après-ski is the time for companionship and for sharing all the sights and adventures of the day.

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