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38 and injured myself - can I still ski?

Hi everyone!! I have been really really unlucky!! Just three days into learning how to ski I injured myself and have a partally torn ACL. There's a long period of rehabilitation and stuff and there is a big ? mark on whether I will ever ski again because I am not going for surgery. I am kinda old 38??!! Is there anyone out there who feels I cud go for skiing again. Because the three days that I was learning were the best days of my life and I just got too adventurous and here I am now!! Anyone out there can brighten up my life by telling me it's not necessarily over beacsue my world's kind of collapsed!!

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Sorry to hear about that, that is a dreadful story. Why are you not going for surgery? Would this not be the best way to fix this? You don't hear of a lot of learners getting this badly injured, hope things get better and you get some good news soon.


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It's not necessarily over! Sorry to hear about your bad injury and welcome to the forum!
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As long as you give the injury plenty of rest and relaxation and make sure it is absolutely healed before you even think about booking another holiday then everything will be ok.

remember what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.
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I'm 71yo and broke my leg in 3 places last March 07 requiring surgury and a long recovery because of a bone infection. In March 08 I got back on skis! GO FOR IT!!!!! Marge37
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Pashah...you aren't old!

I hope that you are well on the way to recovery! Mental attitude plays a HUGE part in the recovery process....so, think positive and think about skiing!
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To Binu..... Don't Give Up! I Didn't Start Skiing Until I Was 40yo....fx Shoulder A Couple Of Years Later Skiing In Utah....returned To Skiing After Healing...... Then Injured My Hip (not Skiing) Had A Hip Replacment And After Healing I Went Back To Skiing....last March (07) I Fx My Lower Leg In Three Places Requiring Surgery Complicated By Infection Requiring 4 Weeks In A Facility For Iv Antibiotics...........this Past March I Got Back On Skis Although I Only Made 3 Easy Runs I Think It's A Start! I Am 70 Years Old And Hope To Ski Until I'm 80!
Best Of Luck! Marge37 Ps: Where I Ski Lift Tickets Are Free When Your 80!
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I think you can, because I have seen combat veterans skiing on those bed things, or prosthetics.
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Hello Binu,

Of course you're not too old! Did you receive some lessons? If not, perhaps you should consider this (at the very least, you could ski with an "expert" friend who is very patient). Many ski schools are teaching carving very early. For me, it's the most natural maneuver. The snowplow doesn't do much to stop you once you really get moving. Then practice, practice, practice! In addition to strength-building exercises, MANDATORY stretching should be part of your routine. I like to take a very hot shower upon waking, then perform the FULL range of flexibility exercises before I get dressed. Upon arriving at the mountain, I stretch again. I also stretch throughout the day. So many people do not take stretching seriously and wind up injuring themselves trying to make relatively simple maneuvers because their muscles are "cold". The key is flexibility, confidence and PRACTICE! You also need to concentrate leg-building exercises into your regimen so the quads and muscles surrounding the knee are strong and flexible. You'll cut your risk for injury WAY down. There is no reason that you cannot ski until the twilight of your life! I am 45 years old and plan to continue this until I cannot do it any longer.... Once you get the hang of this, you'll be hooked!
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Let it Snow !
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I know plenty of people who have torn ACL's and are back skiing. Just make sure to get rehabilitated properly before skiing again.
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no its defontly not over two years ago my mom fully tore her acl mcl and maniscus and had a bunch of cartalige damage she was out ofr the season but was able to ski agiain the next year and by the end of that year she was just as good as she was before and she was 41 when it happend so you will defonatly be able to ski agian dont worry

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