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A begginer with alot of questions

okay im decided im gonna learn to ski this summer but i have a few questions. first off ive been reading some books about skiing and alot about carving (my friends race) and was wondering how long it would take me till i learn how to carve and how many people carve? is it a specialty for racers only or do other people carve as well? second, can you carve in powder? when is the time to parrallel turn and when is the time to carve? and, can you carve on steep narrow trails? wouldnt you be going really fast carving on double black diamonds?

thanks alot i skied for a season 5 years ago but i forget alot!

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Hi there,

I'm sure there are plenty here who would be able to advise you on carving. I have not raced but I would think the first step would be to learn. If you are going skiing again then go to your classes. If you book private lessons tell the instructor beforehand that you are interested in carving and he can evaluate how you get on during the lessons and recommend when you are ready for this. If you are coming back into this new again then you don't want to do yourself damage by trying too much too soon.

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crashing hurts
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Dude, one step at a time.

Spend some time on a ski hill with an instructor or knowledgable friend and learn the basics. Don't worry about all the fancy stuff, and don't try to gauge your progress based on how well your ski racing friends can ski. Take it easy and enjoy.
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What you put in is what you are going to get out of it. Carving comes with time and eventually it will be all you do. Going parallel is the same thing as carving basically. On steep terrain you especially want to be able to carve to prevent sliding but that depends how steep. If you make longer turns you would not go as fast and you could always hockey stop to check your speed.
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