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Alpine Skiing Question

I have been skiing for about half my life but havent since I went t Arizona and now in the Marines. I'm looking to improve my ski level from a 6 to what ever the highest level is on my leave time. I also want to start getting involved in slalom skiing, going fast and tech at the same time has always been me skiing, I could never go slow. Being from CT never had a chance to ever do it because all we have are small mountains and VT I couldn't go to every weekend. So my question is where should I go to get my skill level up and then after thatwhere should I go to learn the slalom trade of skiing? My old instructor from Okemo told me once I should try it and see how I do. If I do show something in it like he thought I would what should I do for the next step?

Any advice you guys can give me would be great, I only have 30 days in a year of leave in the Marines.

Also what equipment should I get for from skis to boots etc, I want the best of the best and not afraid to spend money.

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Fivel went West and it worked for him

Go out west, Colorado would probably be best. You can pick a place along I-70 (Frisco or Silverthorne(?) perhaps) and stay cheap while having access to Breck, A-Basin, and Keystone. You will be able to find progressively more challenging terrain as you get more and more comfortable.As far as ski racing... You don't need a slalom course to go fast. Just find a nice steep blue groomer or a black that is groomed, point your skis downhill and go!

30 days of leave is a lot of time, even if you spend 14 of those days skiing, you will be amazed at how much you will improve.

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Colorado is great.
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thanks I'll have to head out to colorado this winter. Sorry it took me for ever to respond bben busy with alot of schools lately.
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