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Am I lame after all these years?

I did alot of small hill skiing in high school over 20 years ago and then some medium hill skiing in Germany back in 1991 and I was pretty good at it. But last winter I hit a medium sized slope in Michigan with rented skiis and I barreled down the hill like a drunk elephant in a train wreck. I never thought picking it back up would be a problem, I can't believe I have become so lame. Did the guy at the rental shack give me skis that were too long, boots that were too loose? I can't figure out why I could'nt ski to save my life last winter. I have good balance and coordination. I am proficient in Martial Arts and Sailing. Why did I eat so much snow on my latest attempt to start downhill skiing again? Does anybody have any ideas?

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Could be the snow. If the hill was solid ice, it would be tough to get your ski legs back.

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don't be stupid

After 20 years it won't come back to you in 5 minutes. Take a lesson, take some time and it will all will happen in fullness of time.
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skiing in mich? 20 years is a long time. Skiies are easier now, you could probably use practice. Keep it up!

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Start off easy and it will come back. Its as easy as riding a bicycle.
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