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Any good tips for avoiding ski injury?

Does anyone have any hints tips on avoiding injury?

Are there any exercises you have found effective? Do you wear any supports whle skiing?

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I do not wear anything but an easy thing that you could do to stay safe would be to wear wrist braces to avoid breaking your wrist.

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Wrist braces is probably a smart idea. Excersises, well you might one to stretch so you dont pull anything, but nothing is going to guarentee you dont get hurt on the slopes.
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Stretching and warm ups before skiing is a good idea. Also maybe not racing down the slopes and giving yourself time to ease into them.
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Avoiding Injury

Hi Sparky

I went skiing for first time at Xmas to Sauze D'oulx - I'm hooked !!!

I have a back disc problem, also prone to trapping sciatic nerve down left leg.
For the last 6 months or so have been doing Yoga, Pilate and Tai Chi classes and some (not much) weight training to tone up. I've never broken into a sweat !!! Cross trainers and steppers were a no no - back played up.

So some might have thought me foolish to try and ski but I was fine. No injuries.
I found it more difficult to turn right - due to above problem but was fine in the end.

I think if I had not being doing Yoga & Pilate I would have had big problems & injuries.

Hope this helps.

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Don't forget to check out our Essential Skiing Exercises article here - http://www.talkski.com/ski-articles/...exercises.html
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Watch what hill your goin down

Also, I see a bunch of kids every yr that should not be skiing down that difficult of a slope. The difficulty level was created for safety. Alot of times, kids think that they are more skilled than they actually are, and go down hills that are just way too challenging for them. Dont get me wrong, it is important to challenge yourself, just not take it to the extreme. You have to gradually go up in difficulty. Also, reading the map is a good way not to end up on the wrong slope!
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I've found that the best exercise is running. You get an overall workout, as well as cardio and core strength and endurance. All of these are important when skiing. From past experiences all of my friends that never had any injuries and had strong endurance were the ones who were on track teams in highschool/college and run various races throughout the year.

Another great way to stay in shape for skiing is to just ski alot. During my college years I found myself skiing 2-3 times perweek and didn't require any exercise to last a ful 7 hours of skiing.

Also, a sure fire way to prevent injury is to ski smart and not overdo it. Most falls/injuries happen towards the end of the day, so be sure to take a few breaks and also keep yourself fueled and hydrated. You should always be able to ski with confidence and be properly centered over your skis without falling back in your boots. If you find yourself leaning back and taking slower turns it may be time to call it a day or take a break.

Hope this helps....
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dont be hesitant just enjoy it and go for it! x
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Just wear the proper attire for skiing
and make sure you are comfortable
with it. Also do warm-ups before skiing.
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Aside from all the sound advices here. Wearing a helmet should be a necessity and it shouldn't be treated as an accessory alone. Most helmets nowadays are lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable too that's why in my opinion there's no excuse in not wearing one. General precaution could save you from future headaches and serious injuries.
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Hi there Sparky, in addition to the very useful tips here take a look at this article that covers exercises to prepare your body for skiing and minimizing injuries:

Stay safe and enjoy!

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Make sure to warm up and stretch before going on the slopes. In the off season, I usually keep my muscles in ski shape by doing a few simple exercises as part of my routine like jumping back in forth over a broom
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Proper fitting boots, well-tuned skis, warm gear, in good physical shape.
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The old saying "Ski within your limits" has been around for years for a reason. As a new skier heed the advice above. There's very good information from the previous posts. Stretch, don't show up not having done any excerice in months. You need to be in pretty good form to decrease your chances of injury. Skiing is very safe if you stay within your skill level, don't showboat, stay out of the woods, have proper gear for your size and weight that's well maintained, and have a good understanding of what you are asking your body to do.

It's not that difficult to get the hang of it, (1 to 2 falls a day is reasonable by day 2 or 3), but don't get cocky with it. Just ski carefully. Always check what's in front of you, beside you, and behind you. Don't go to fast, you should always be able to come to a complete stop in a minimal amount of time and space. If you can't or if you may fall while slamming on the breaks then you are going to fast and are out of control. Often, it's not you that's going to make the mistake. The other skiers on the mountain are liable to be out of control so it's imperative that you are constantly aware and keeping your risk level to a minimum.

Greatest leisure activity in the world. Keep it up, enjoy your trip and make sure you find a nice warm hot tub at the end of day one. Nothing better than that. Also, stay with water proof materials. You need to make sure you stay dry, dress in layers, and make sure you have gloves, googles, sunscreen, and something to cover your head and face. It can get cold quickly even if it's not cold when you start out. Weather on a mountain is unpredictable so be prepared. Enjoy yourself and ski safe!

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