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Avalanche Risk Assessment - Development of a new tool

Hi All,

My name is George, I work as an design engineer for a New Zealand based product design consultancy, idesign solutions Ltd.

We have recently initiated a project to bring to market a tool that will aid in the analysis of a snow base for avalanche risk. Our motivation for this project is to provide snow enthusiasts with a tool to collect more consistent and precise data so that the decision making process can be based on accurate results. We believe there is a need for a tool that encourages more frequent testing by reducing the sampling time and effort involved; therefore less assumption and safer riding!

It should be made clear that this project is not about reducing the need for extreme caution in the backcountry. We encourage and advise taking avalanches courses to continually improve your knowledge of the alpine environment and associated avalanche risk. This product will not replace current assessment methods but aims to allow for a more informed decision making process.

For this project to be a success we rely on your knowledge and experience to determine what this "tool or System" will be and how it will function etc. If you share an interest in this topic and would like to contribute to the development process please take the survey using the link below: This shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to complete. We value your time and input.

SURVEY LINK: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/432864...essment-Survey
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