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Beginner question

Hi guys,

I'm about to leave for my first sky vacation. my wife and my decided to go to the Aspen area. We're really on a budget and are staying in Glenwood Springs. lift tickets are quite expensive in the area and i was wondering if you need to buy those tickets even in the very early stages of learning, or you can use the so-called bunny slopes and avoid lift tickets fees at least for a couple of days. Or there is no way around and they are a must, even if it's your first day of skiing. Any help or advice would be highly appreciated, Alejandro.

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Rule no.1. Of the Skiing Bible.
1. Thou has't chosen an expensive sport. [Skiing is spelt like this, $kiing]
2. Be prepared to shell out heaps for.........everything !
3. Thou shall endgure , cold, wet, wind, lose things in said wind and thou shall ENJOY IT
4. Your mind shall visualise strange things & you shall communicate with crazy (sometimes real crazy) people.
However, Alejandro,
You have Chosen Wisely, Because you can't take it with you, so enjoy it while you can!!
I hope you both have a great time on your first ski trip, enjoy it & don't take it to serious
It is a really good sport, & people will help you on your way to.
The Ice-Cutter

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LOL, thanks for the advice
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