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Beginner wedge turn question

i took my first skating lesson and i have a LOT of experience in speed skating and in speed skating i have developed this practive of putting weight on heels which is not helping very much in skiing as weight is supposed to be in front instead.
Also i have very hard time making a wedge shape with my skiis. Almost feels like i am not flexible that way...i am fine skiing when i am going straight but i just start going really fast...any other methods to slow down or tips on wedge turns?

Will be on stevens pass, wa tomorrow to try the instructions today again..(had a 3 hour private session so have a lot of things to try out tomorrow )

thanks very much,

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sorry i typed skating few places...did too much skating in past so cannot switch typing to ski so far...

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Flexibility is key but takes weeks for the effects to be seen. A shorter term solution would be to try using a shorter set of skis as this will allow you to get the desired angle.
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If you want more control when you're turning, you need to make sure you're balancing on the centre of your foot, not putting the pressure on your toes or heels. Try it, it'll make a big difference. If you find it hard to 'find' the centre of your foot when you've got ski boots on, you're not alone. There is a trainer called the SkiA Sweetspot Trainer which helps you with this, if you send me a private message (at top of this page) I can give you more details. Good luck!
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Turning is jeopardy when you are skitting. To control an turn is the deception you really want to be trained. When we turn our balance is shifted but we require maintaining it to central. Don’t try to put pressure on the edges of your feet. As you are already slipping so putting pressure will drag or push you in same direction and you will fall.
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