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Boot Bag as hand luggage?

Hi Folks
We're off to Poland in January, going to Zakopane and we're both really looking forward to it.
We were going to hire skis and boots out there but my wife Debbie is having trouble with getting boots to fit properly so we're in the process of finding suitable boots to buy.
My question is, as we're limited to 20kg in our suitcases for the flights, can we carry the boots in boot bags as hand luggage? Does anyone know if they'll accept them, ie, are they small enough for the overhead lockers?
Thanks all.

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Welcome Garethdeb,

Which airline are you flying? They may have a better idea of baggage size restrictions if there are any.

If your boot bag is the same size as a std roller suitcase that most folks seem to take on board, you'll probably be fine. Contact the airline to be sure though.

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Pair of Newbies
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We're flying with Easyjet! Luton into Crakow.
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Old 02-12-08, 02:11 AM   #4
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A few years back you could carry skis and a boot bag for free on Easyjet, but I think those days are gone.

Easyjet have the standard 55x40x20cm size for hand lugage. If you can find a boot bag that goes down to that then go for it, if not stash them in your case.

I can get my boots in my case along with my gear for a week and keep it under 20KG (my boots are about 5 KG and I wear my heavy kit!) . If you put one in your case and another in your wifes, you'd still have 17.5KG. It would save hauling a boot bag around too.

Getting boots that fit well is definately a good move. Have a fantastic trip.
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Have you been yet? How did you get on? As RichH says the problem you’ll have is finding a boot bag that is small enough to fit into the overhead lockers. Normal boot bags stand the boots side by side and this will make the bag too wide to get in the locker so the only way you can do it is to put them in a bag “nose to tail”/soixante-neuf style. To be honest, you should be able to manage with the 20kg hold limit. I always pack socks, undies, gloves and other crushables in my boot bag. Apart for using up the spare space in the bag, it protects the boots as well.
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