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Breckenridge vs. Steamboat

I've been to Steamboat many tiems and enjoy it. Am considering going to Breckenridge this year because it is easier for family to join me there. But I'm wondering - is Breckenridge as great as Steamboat? Is the town overbuilt and over glitzy? I like Steamboat's homey atmosphere. Is Breckenridge as "glam" and fake as I fear it is or is it a low-key place? Also, can you tell me if Breckeridge is much more crowded than Steamboat? Thanks.

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can't compair to steamboat, but I've enjoyed Breck every time I've been. I'm going again with the guys this winter for 5 days. Lot's of friendly people and easy to get around. We like to stay out late and there's plenty of that, with locals and travelers.

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Breck is great!

I can't say too much about Steamboat considering the last time I was there I was just learning to ski haha. But I have been skiing Breck my entire life and I absolutely love it. I am not biased against other resorts or anything like that but I think you should know that Breck is a great place to ski and the town is great as well. My parents have a house there so I am there every weekend (I go to school in Denver). There is definitely nothing fake about it and the night life is great too. There are times when it is just to crowded to get any good skiing in but if you are able to avoid those times (3 day weekends, December 24-January 5th, third week of March) you are golden! Hope that helps!
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It’s hard to compare the two. I’m partial to both. I would say that Breck is definitely more of a night life type of a resort compared to the laid back family atmosphere of Steamboat. Breck is totally commercialized and is a huge tourist attraction for out-of-staters (like myself). So if you’re looking for powder then there’s a lot of competition for fresh tracks in the morning. And I can tell you right now that you won’t find the Champaign Powder like they have at Steamboat. However, Breck has more skiable acreage, killer peaks, extreme runs, and a fun night life scene. Breck is awesome but I just think Steamboat would be a better trip if taking the whole family.
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I enjoy skiing both mountains. Breckenridge has amazing views from the summit (as any place does with that kind of altitude). It has much more skiable acreage than Steamboat, but doesn't have as much of the "ski village" that Steamboat has around the base of the mountain, however there are nice shops in town.

You can't go wrong with either!
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Try a new place is a good idea i think.

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