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Broken toes!

hey guys does anyone have any tips to make my boots more comfortable? i have broken 8 toes with my boots haha and i know i should probably just get new ones but i want these to last this season, so like when ever i go off a jump i get huge air and i land and my toes will slam into the front of my boots which sucks so if any has any suggestions that would be awesome! i have put foam in my boots so im going to try that out this saturday.
thanks! pray for snow!! =)

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Boot Fitter

A Professional boot fitter may be the next step. There really are some good ones out there that should be able to help. Good Luck.

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Get rid of those boots. As far as adding foam...I'm sure a 33 inch tire could be made to fit a Porsche 911, but why not just buy the proper sized tire instead? Your boots are obviously too big if your feet are sliding around like that. Your toes should touch the end of the boot in a normal standing position. Go get professionally sized, try on everything they have in your size, and ignore the colors.
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