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Dislocated shoulder

I was talking a jump at Crystal Mtn in Washington State. It really wasn't that big of jump but I landed to far forward, my right arm went out in front of me and when I came down, ouch, it popped out with my arm going to far over the top. I have had a prob with my shoulds partially dislocating easily in the past, but I could always bring my arm around my front and it would pop back in, this time I could tell it was a LOT worse. Brought my arm back to my from but it was still way out of socket. Had to be taken down to have it reset in the med shack. The Ski patrol guy told me he wasn't actually certified to reset it but I couldn't drive down the mountain with it out so I said go ahead.

One guy (his helper) put a towel around my torso, he was on my left as I laid down on a table, holding onto the ends of the towle to keep me in place. The Other guy grabbed my hand and told me just to relax my shoulder (easy for him to say) he started pulling on my right hand from my right side as his helper pulled my body left with the towel. It seamed like it took an hour, it was probably 5+ minutes. just when he was about to give up he said "one more try" and with that it popped back in. It hurt like S*** but it was a great relief at the same time.

Anyway it took 2-3 months to recover, not fun. I am getting back into skiing, see this thread. I am a little worried about how well my shoulder will hold up, but I guess I'll find out. Probably won't be doing any jumping from now on.


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Get 'orf my piste!
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Reading the part about them popping it back in makes me shiver!

So when are you getting back on the slopes?
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