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dont worry if it is icy dont try to carve down it.

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standing up is the key. just think of it as getting up out of your sofa chair, put your hands down beside you, an use them to push yourself up into a standing position, take all your own weight on your legs, and you will find yourself gliding down the ramp

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Chairlift unloading

Chairlift unloading can vary with the conditions each day. It is also affected by the design of the chairlift, fixed grip (doesn't slow down) or detachable (slows down). Fixed grip chairs have steeper unloading ramps than detachable chairs and are harder to unload. Also skier traffic particularly on fixed grip chairs can erode the unloading ramp making it even steeper and bumpy increasing the options for others to fall in front of you. That doesn't mean that detachable chairs are necessarily a piece of cake. Sometimes when you make something easier you bring new variables into the situation. Timing and balance will always be key with any skiing maneuver. Prepare to unload by placing your poles (if you have them) in one hand and reaching that hand forward out of the way and placing your free hand (or both hands if you have no poles) on the front edge of the chair. Look ahead towards the unloading ramp. Watch for the signs that say 'unload here'. When your skis touch the snow scoot forward to the front edge of the seat. When your feet are directly next to (or between) the 'unload here' sign(s) stand up, reach both hands forward while straightening out you legs, press your shins into the fronts of both boots and glide straight ahead down the unloading ramp. Avoid making a wedge until you have cleared the ramp, bull wheel area and have sufficient room to avoid tangling with your chair partners' skis. After a short distance the slope gets less steep and you can slow yourself with a wedge and maneuver off to one side of the ramp out of the way from skiers unloading the lift behind you.
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I think that if you attack this confidently, you'll have no trouble at all. For me personally, I remember having this fear in the very beginning. It was a mixture of the unknown, having other people SEE me fall, and the fear or not being able to control myself somehow. The best thing for me is that I learned to carve VERY early, so I could stand up, glide, then dig in the ski to immediately turn away. It's intimidating to many in the beginning because we're all afraid that we will ski into someone or fall with an audience. Don't be afraid and learn the turning technique after gliding to a safe spot. Be confident! Once you overcome this, they won't be able to get you off those slopes! Get those skis up and get ready to simply push off. Oh, and also important to communicate with your chair mate(s) which way you plan to turn upon exiting. Justskiit has excellent technique tips for you.
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hey, crystal mountain is fun! ok i recommend not goin on the really fast one first, unless absolutely necessary. go on the slower ones. what you can do is right when your about to exit, have your poles if u use them, in one hand. if your on the end, you can use one hand to hold onto the bar. once your skis hit the ground, try standing up, letting the chair push you forward. let go once the chair pushes you forward. and remember if you fall, crawl out of the way, dont stand as you could hit your head from the incoming chairs!

"For me, skiing is a necessity. I have a need for risk." -anonymous
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