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Expert skiiers : post your secrets!

and finally, we reach the expert level, any true experts out there willing to share their secrets, or special techniques, or just anything to give a beginner hope or dreams?

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I have been told to ski in the crappiest terrain and conditions as much as you can. If you ski well in that, you are doing pretty well. Being expert is being able to adapt your technical skills to all terrain, conditions and forces. Experts are the finesse guys that make it look easy.

When you come to a fork in the trail......... take it.
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build ur confidence when on skis. take lots of lessons and get into an ongoing training program at ur local ski hill. Ski 75--100 days a season-- 4 about 10-15 seasons. Ha Ha Ha--at the end of it all u will realize that there is so much u don't know.

Take "nice turns " advice-- THAT will build up ur confidence and as u become more comfortable--u will progress faster. BUT correct technique and an understanding of the skills required to ski anything r a must!
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i found that if i ski hard whenever i go out i improved alot faster

Just make sure you stay in control at all times cus that is how you get hurt.
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If you watch the Entourage episode "Sundance Kids" when the boys goto Park City Utah, Drama mentions that if you can ski Hunter Mountain then you can ski anywhere.

Agreed if you learn to ski in crappy or not 100% ideal situations, you will be forced to learn to ski well. Learning how to handle ice, steeps, bumps and all other terrain are dependant on a few things....

1. The building of confidence in skill, this comes with time and practice
2. Learning how to center yourself in all situations and never falling into the backseat
3. Also, you should always know your next few moves. Just like in running through bumps or maneuvering around rocks or trees, you should be looking ahead and not right in front of you...And this is the point where you really start the enjoy the sport.

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You learn how to use your enviorment and equipment to your saftey and benfit. Keep scanning and look for any potential disaster spots and avoid them. Wear proper gear for what you will be doing, always ski with a helmet. Have fun!
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Confidence is a key factor. Use good instructors who teach you properly from day one & you will be building on the correct techniques rather than developing bad habits.

Practice, push yourself ... and set those edges nice & early in the turn
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I always ski with a lucky cat turd in my pocket! its kept me safe for 35 years!
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Expert Skiing.............umm ........Yes.......
In my expericence I have found that most "expert skiers" can be found in most drinking establishments ( that's a long way of saying the PUB ) atfer 9.00pm & the number steadly climbs the longer they are there. The "experts"are only to happy to share their amazing secrets, of skiing but almost any other subject too , they are expert in all of them!, sometimes payment is helpfull to coax out the "deeper" secerts, usually a glass of something (from said establishment) is quite acceptable.
Though I have also noticed, a surprissing lack of these experts out the following morning, I guess they need to sleep off there vast experiences / secerts !

Hope you all enjoy that one & like a certian brand of running shoe says,
Just Do It !
Have a good one

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