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Few questions, help plz:)

This winter my dad and I are planning on going skiing&snowboarding for the first time, I wanna try snowboarding and my dad skiing, and I have few questions:

1. Are 3 days, 2 hours each day in a group are enough for learning snowboarding?
2. My dad is wearing glasses, are there goggles that can fit over glasses? and please recommend me good goggles for glasses.
3. Are there any differences between snowboarding clothes and skiing clothes?
4. Can you please recommend me good skiing and snowboarding clothes for beginners(Goggles, gloves, ski jackets and pants-the 3rd layer and clothes for the first layer)
5. We are probably going to Bulgaria, which site is better, Bansko or Borovets? and are those sites are good for first time?
6. Give me please good online shops and stores that accept Paypal and ship worldwide.
7. I heard that snowboard gloves are a little different then ski gloves, that they have some kind of extra protection, is it true? if so, could you plz give me some recommendations for gloves.

Thank you so much!!!
BTW, sorry for my English.
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