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First ski experience after skiing accident

Hi all! Well, after my intro ( in the injury section ) I said I would get back to you when I attempted to ski again, Well, I went to NH (Loon Mnt) last week and I rented skis,boots, and poles ( I gave my equipment away after my injuries last March!) I had difficulty getting my left foot into the boot because the ankle is very stiff and still swollen. I was told they don't make front entry boots with the back release anymore. It was quite painful trying to walk in the boots but was able to manage to walk to the nearest lift and I was on my way! The lift was a "half way " lift so I wasn't worried about getting to the top and not be able to ski down! I was scared to death! I got off the lift and started down. It was very uncomfortable when I flexed forward because of the plate and screws which are right where your leg presses against the boot. I was able to ski down (Blue run) and I made a couple of more runs but by then my leg was screaming at me! I think if I could find a boot that would accomodate my "bum leg" I would have done a lot better! If anyone has any suggestions let me know! .....Marge37
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