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First Time Skiing - need some help


I've been skiing twice in the past, but that was 7-8 years ago.

I will be taking my family on a ski trip this weekend (Sat and Sunday), in the Pocono, PA.
We have with two kids (age 4 and 6). Both are first timers.

But the weather will be 60-70 degree on Friday.
Then Saturday and Sunday will drop down to 40 degree or so.

Would the warm weather on Friday affect the condition of the slope on Saturday and Sunday?
If the slopes turn icy, would it be a good idea to cancel my trip?


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I think cancelling the trip sounds a bit drastic,
the young kids often (even complete beginners) can handle things that adults baulk at. So you might want to take it a little easy till you "find your feet" , but the kids so long as they are dressed for the conditions, will have a ball.

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