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Foot injury - what have I done?

Hi everyone

I've lurked here a few times but not posted before

So I may be going for "idiot of the year" award but thought I'd ask anyway! Late December I crashed on my skis - a loooooong slide on my front and skis and poles sprayed across the mountain. My first thought was I'd broken my ankle - absolutely intense pain unlike anything I'd felt before. I then realised that although I couldn't feel the pain (or at least it didn't register compared to my ankle) I'd actually dislocated my shoulder. The pain from that kicked in not long after the realisation.

Anyway, long story short, I managed to ski a little after maybe 30 minutes to get to help (very very slowly ski that is) and walk with a limp for the remainder of the holiday. That's not to say it didn't hurt, it did, but nothing like my shoulder. My shoulder was checked out in the local surgery and that is now well on the way to being mended. I didn't mention my foot though because I thought that if I can walk on it then it must just be a sprain. Thing is, it hasn't really improved over the past 10 weeks.

It's visibly still swollen and I have restricted upward mobility. Download mobility causes a nagging ache. The top of my whole foot is swollen for sure, but the biggest swelling (and pain) is where the top of my foot connects with my leg.

I've never had a "top of foot" injury before - sprains have always been sideways, so I think it's probably partly due to ski boots. Any thoughts or experiences of similar? Could I have broken something or is it just a severe sprain that needs maybe more rest than I'm giving it?

I'll probably go to the doctor anyway but don't want to waste their time.


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Ouch! Sorry to hear about the injury I'd get an x-ray, better safe than ... well, you know

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Sorry to hear about the injury, be careful next time!
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