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Friend borrowed my skis then threw them out...Judge?

Dear TalkSki friends,

I used to have late 70's vintage Rossignol ST Comp's (190cm). I am 5'10, 215 lbs & I ski aggressively on bumps, Michigan packed conditions, minimal powder, unless I'm in the Rockies on vacation. I had a spare pair of mid 90's vintage Yamaha's (195cm) that were similar type. Both had Solomon bindings & were used very little. They just had scuffs on the tops from typical use.

A "friend" borrowed them, along with my boots & poles, plus my wife's intermediate skis, boots & poles (don't remember the brand). He never returned them to me since he borrowed them in '98 & I am taking him to small claims court because he thinks they were thrown out when he moved. He's claiming that all of my equipment was worth approx. $350, based on his research of websites & ads.

I disagree. He sees web postings & ads for used equipment for next to nothing & doesn't comprehend that the skis he's pricing out are entry-level / intermediate / women's in a lot of cases & rarely long enough & aggressive enough to replace what I had for the prices he thinks I should be able to buy them for.

Could anyone please give me a little something to tell the court that would explain our "difference of opinion" on the value of my equipment?

I am more than happy to buy older used equipment, though I don't want to spend the Winter hunting all over the countryside for something comparable & in decent condition.

By the way, my friend is claiming that the boots & pole grips & baskets disintegrated while he had them & they were of no value. He threw them out too. I had used them within about 2 years prior & stored them in our home. I am thinking he may have stored them improperly (exposed to UV's & damp, variable temps.) If you have any input on that subject, I would appreciate it also.

I know this is a lot to ask, but if anyone could offer a short & to-the-point statement for the judge to have as an "authority" I would be forever grateful. Hopefully, if the judge understands the situation & rules in my favor, I will be able to purchase something, assuming the "defendant" pays up.

Again, thank you all in advance for your opinion / commentary if you are able to do so.

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I Like Ice
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Dudley. I can't offer you any advice but this looks like the exact kind of case to go on peoples court. Is your "friend" offering you $350? If so I would probably just take the cash because if you lose in court you get nothing.

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crashing hurts
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Dudly- I too have little to offer as far as helping you to value your equipment.

I will say though, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

As far as I'm concerned, the ski equipment wasn't borrowed, it was stolen.
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Old 08-01-10, 02:19 AM   #4
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Take the $350 and buy something from this milennium. Plastics fail after about 10 years no matter how well they are stored. I have personally seen three pair of properly maintained ski boots, just crack and fail. You will be surprised how much better today's equipment is. As for your friend, forget about him.
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Old 15-01-10, 09:41 PM   #5
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Dud, ski equipment that is 30 years old is obsolete and worthless. Ever hear of shaped skis? 30 year old bindings are not even compatible with modern boots. If your buddy is willing to give you $350, then settle out of court because $350 is about a thousand times more than anyone in their right mind would pay for this stuff.
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Old 18-01-10, 07:20 PM   #6
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I have a great pair of Volkes I'll sell to you for $100 that I think you'd consider brand new: bought in late 90s and used twice they have great bindings. You can take the extra $250 and buy yourself a nice weekend of lift tickets.

Court for $350 bucks? GMAB!
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Old 23-02-10, 01:30 PM   #7
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Good friend.. Dont sound like they would be much good on the piste though. lol
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Old 23-02-10, 01:37 PM   #8
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Not to mention that you may have a statute of limitations issue depending on where you live.
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Old 11-08-10, 08:33 PM   #9
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don't bother with court man...more of a headache than anything else...take the 350 and never talk to that "friend" again
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Old 23-09-10, 10:35 PM   #10
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That doesnt sound good
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Old 14-10-10, 07:44 PM   #11
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Take the cash. 70's era skis belong on the wall of some bad motel in your favorite ski town.
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Old 15-10-10, 01:00 AM   #12
shred head
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take the $350 and move on dude!
"can you feel the vibe"
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Old 11-11-10, 02:04 AM   #13
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Unfortunately it is his word against yours. It would be difficult to prove exactly what skis you had, what condition they were in, and anything else that would attest to their value. I'm going to go with what seems to be the popular opinion around here and say take to money and just cut your losses. Let this be a lesson for lending to this guy in the future. I've been in these sort of situations a few times and they're just no good.
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Old 25-11-10, 05:18 AM   #14
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Sorry to hear that.
You would be better of posting on a legal forum.
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Old 25-11-10, 05:47 AM   #15
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Like a few people have already said, GET OVER IT !!!

Take the money & shut-up!

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