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GPS tracking with windows mobile phone


I've just finished an app for windows mobile specifically for skiers that allows you to view your average and top speed, as well as the distance covered for your last run. It also keeps track of your total distance traveled as well as your highest speed ever achieved.
All information is displayed on one easy to read screen. It has a "reset run" feature which allows you to clear your last run statistics ready to collect data for your next run.

There is a feature limited trial verion which is restricted to viewing your average speed for a run, your current altitude and your direction of travel.

It runs in a trial mode until registered. To register I'm asking for a donation of 1.50 to help support ongoing development.

For more information or to download my app please go to my site: http://www.fehnerssoftware.co.uk/myskibuddy.shtml

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I have another one on my WM phone, it's called sportypal

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I know the IPhone and Droid both have some apps like this that are really fun! We where taking turns racing down the hills seeing who could get top speed!
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Sounds pretty good.
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