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Group vs Semi Private lessons? Lessons everyday?

Hello Everyone,

Me and the wife will be at Winter Park, CO for 4 days before Dec 16th (before they jack up their rates )...With 3 days of actual ski time.

I am a very much a novice skier and the wife has never skied before. We would like to take lessons together, and were debating on which lessons to sign up for- the Full day Group lessons vs Max 4 Semi Private lessons:

Full Day lesson:
"Our Full Day Lesson line up is guaranteed to offer more runs, more turns and more FUN than skiing and riding alone, or you next lesson is free! Full Day lessons run from 9:30am to 3pm. Class sizes may vary during holidays and weekends, but average 6-8 students per instructor."

Max 4 lessons:
"Our new MAX 4 program is guaranteed for maximum fun! The semi-private format is limited to 4 guests per instructor. Half Day lessons run from 11:45am to 2:45pm."

One is 5.5 hours with 6-8 people the other is 3 hours with up to 4 people. Considering this is before the high season, and we would be there during the weekdays would there be a high chance that the Full Day lesson would have less than 6 people?

So, which would you recommend?

Also, we have 3 consecutive days we can ski. Would one lesson session be enough - or should we take 2 or 3 days of lessons?


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