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Have airline rules on baggage changed your habits?


I'm new here and hope I'm asking this in the correct forum. If not, please forgive. I'm wondering if the new "pay for your bags" rule the airlines are adapting has changed the way any of you will flly this season?

I normally have a carry-on (boots and other smaller items), I also check my skis and another bag with clothing. Wondering if it's better to ship my skis and boots to my destination ahead of time by another means - UPS in the States.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Comments? How do you pack for a trip?


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Shipping equipment

We started shipping our skis several years ago via Sports Express. This was mainly because of the hassle of schlepping them through the airport along with rather bulky suitcases. You're not going to save any money, but it does make the trip easier. Unfortunately, when I priced duffel bags, suitcases, etc, it became too expensive to be worth it. The airlines apparently have those of us who like snow sport vacations right where they'd like us.
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I'll have to look up Sports Express, never heard of them.
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YIKES...yep, too expensive for me. Guess I'll be schlepping them through the airport and simply paying for the extra baggage. Geez...I need to win the lottery!
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You should really consider renting skis at the resort. Nowdays the rental fleet is full of the latest and greatest skis, and here in Whistler, the shops let you try different skis during your stay. So you may be on groomer skis at first, then it snows and have deep powder, they will let you take out some big fat sticks.
So why settle on your own 'old' skis, when you can try out the latest ones. This will also save you the hassle of lugging your skis to and from the airports etc...
I do recommend buying your own ski boots though.
If you only ski a week a year, then it will take a few years for the money you outlay to buy a pair of skis to actually be saving money. And by then you really are using 'old' skis that probably haven't been maintained all that well anyway....
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interesting question. yea i would think it would be cheaper to ship rather than to bring them as baggage on the plane

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