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Help me pick out my skis please!

I'm picking out the whole shebang this year. I'm an advanced skier, have been skiing for years but at most 10-15 days a year (I've always relied on athleticism more than technique). I'm about to graduate and move somewhere where I can get a 100 days!

The basics: 6'2", 190 lbs and I can go anywhere on the mountain but it aint always pretty. I don't hit the park too much but I'm in love with twin tips. The best skiing I've ever done were on some fat Rossi S4s (I believe). I like that kind of versatility, the center mount, and its ease in bumps, crud and powder. I want to cruise on a groomer every once in a while too.

Any recommendations for some fat "park" skis that kick ass in all mtn?? Your advice will be greatly appreciated!
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