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I fly to ski
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Ever since I was 2 years old. Now im 17 and do everything that comes my way, since im going to get my pilots liscense after 10 more hours of flying, I will be skiing even more! and flying to more destinations with my friends. YEA!!

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Air King
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heya 18 years old and have been skiing for coming upto 16 years and have never got tired or bored of it yet!! I do agree with NumBa1Stunna516. There really is no feeling quite the same

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Too long - at least my knees think so!! I started skiing when I was 'old' at 17 years. Unfortunately my parents weren't that well off and we lived a good distance away from the snow. So I didn't start until I got a job and was driving myself around. Now 38 years later I still enjoy it just as much! (although I try to avoid falling when ever possible)
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I started skiing around the time I could walk. I am originally from Vermont so I think it is something that is in the water that makes us all avid skiers! I skied almost regulalrly up until a few years ago when my job transferred me out to the Chicago area. Not too many places to ski in the rolling plains of the US. On top of that we had kids, but now that they are getting old enough, teaching them to ski is a whole new adventure and excuse to high tail it to the slopes!
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Outdoors or bust
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Started when I was 15. So that makes it about 25 years now. Have only missed one season in that time span, due to blowing my knee out on the first day of skiing 2 years ago.
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i just skied once, 5 years ago!! i really need to go back!
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Since 1955, but no longer. Health concerns
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I am 17 and i have been skiing since i was 6 years old. 11 years
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started when i was 12. skied steady 20 days a year + till I was about 32. Took break. getting back into it thank god.
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gliding object
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I don't remember when I first skied, my parents told me at about 3 years old they first put me on skis, never stopped since then, so that makes it around 27 years...
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how long?

since the late 50's, when i was a very little kid, at aspen. things have really changed since then.
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Lovin the Pyrenees
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This is my second season! Moved to the Pyrenees 4 years ago to ride the mountain passes on my motorbike, never thought I would be able to ski, but I cant get enough of it! Now I ride Col du Tourmalet in summer and ski it in winter ......
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18 years from age 3 to 21, then quit and switched to snowboarding for 8 years, back to skiing when they started putting a sidecut in them.
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I started when I was 10. I remember the first moment as if it was yesterday.
So It's been 13 years, and I'm loving it more every single day.
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33 years now ..... yeah I'm an old fart!

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