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I'm thinking about joining a ski club

Hello there,

This is my first post in this forum.
I live in Ceveland OH and there are quiet a few ski clubs and I am thinking about joining one. It's $10-20.
I took a look at a day trip to Holiday Valley NY , which the club charges $63, just for the trasportation. Even with the high cost of gas, it would cost me less then $63 to drive there. I thought the ski clubs are suppsoed to save you money.
Maybe it's just this club... or they just say theys ave money, but nobody thinks about being more expensive it, and just pay.
Are any of you in any ski club?
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i think that that might just be one ski club. I am iin a ski club and they hav discounted prices for the home resort ther. A different ski club i was lookin at had good deals for trips to Europe. Remember that ski clubs arent just about saving $, they are about going as a group of ppl w/ shared lov of skiing. But yea, i think that ski clubs are a good idea, but maybe u just need to find one that suites u!
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