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Insane ski crash posts!!!

lets hear some good ski crashes and any injuries if so!!!!


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well i got one, yesterday i hit a kicker went about 15-20 ft in the air was doing a 360 and over turned and landed sideways and broke my leg lol 2nd run of the season too =( blows!

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The worst crash I had was 4-5 years ago night skiing at Granite. I hit a patch of ungroomed, unmarked ice furrows at @ 45mph. I tried to jump over it at the last second, but, it was too late to salvage. In that frozen second in the air I realized that I was in huge trouble and that it was going to hurt me big time. Whammo! I landed on my right side with all the grace of a nail being hammered. I tore my right rotator cuff, burst two holes in my bursa, right forearm and triceps. Banged my unhelmeted head and damaged nerves in both elbows. I ended up bruised quite colorfully on my right side from my hip to my shoulder blade and in pain for about three more months where I questioned my poor judgement constantly and slept fitfully at best. Oh, well, that was the worst ski crash I had had in 35 years so I guess I was due. I was lucky in that no bones were snapped and no measurable brain damage was incurred. I did ski pretty cautiously for the next year or so and I don't EVER want to do anything like that again. Ski safe kids, stuff can happen, and when it does, it hurts like hell!
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