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Is there anything nice to say about Borovets ?

We have booked for half-term week in Borovets (Bulgaria). We only booked a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed to be about the only place in Europe you could still get a flight to.
Our 3 boys (15,16,18) have never skiing been before, and my wife and I last went over 20 years ago.
Reports on certain websites seemed generally favourable, so even though the resort looks a bit limited, we went ahead and booked.

Since then, we have found other websites, probably less "censored", where the writers portray the place as a hell-hole, full of hookers, conmen and generally hostile locals.
Apparently the liftqueues are huge, the ski-instructors indifferent, and the main gondola is closed down as soon as there is a breath of wind.

Does anybody in this forum have any first-hand experience of Borovets, or personal knowledge of a friend's experience ?
My wife is seriously considering writing-off the 4k we've pre-paid and simply not going. I need something to reassure her with.

Thanks for anything you can offer, positive or negative.

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I went to Borovets quite a few years back now (i was about age 10, now 22!), from what ive heard its definitely improved since then. The thing i remember was being in ski school with a load of adults! - i guess because i wasnt a begginner, though the rest of the class were english so that helped. Snow conditions were pretty good, food not bad - it was basically a budget ski holiday as there was about 10 of us that went, and its still probably one of the cheapest resorts around. Ski area isnt huge but plenty for begginners.

Must say if it was my first time skiing i may have been a bit put off as the instructor took us on very steep drags (which they may have got rid of now!). However, i wouldnt rule out going back!

Need to find someone who has been more recently really!

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We went to Borovets in Jan'07 and had a great holiday. We wouldn't return, only because we covered the whole ski area in the week so no need. The locals were friendly and we didn't see any trouble. There were some beggers on the street now and again which I have never seen in a ski resort before. We met some lovely people in our hotel who had ski lessons. They said the instructors were very good and they enjoyed the lessons very much. The ski area for beginners is a little limited but if you relax and try to enjoy each lesson you will feel and be confident to try steeper slopes (blues and reds). Remember if a slope feels too steep just ski across the width and snow plough if you feel your going too fast. Skiing is great fun for all the family so don't let others put you off. As you know it's what you make of your own holiday and the people you meet can make a good holiday great. Enjoy! Your boys will love it.
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Thanks Meluv2ski and Skisoph86.
Your comments are greatly appreciated.
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