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Is water skiing as hard as skiing?

Would you consider water skiing and snow skiing to be the same level of difficulty? How come? I think Water would be slightly harder because of the waves, the possibility of going under water, and just the fact that the boat is pulling you and you need lots of arm strength as well to be able to get pulled.

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Snow skiing is much dangerous because of the heights. But I enjoy snow skiing rather than water skiing.

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I can't really say because I have never went water skiing... would love to try it at some stage though.
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crashing hurts
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I have done both. I think that they are pretty much apples and oranges.

First off, downhill skiing uses gravity to propel the skier down the slope. Water skiing uses a boat to pull the skier across the relatively flat water.

Second, just about anyone can ski FAST down a hill (its the slowing down, stopping and turning that must be mastered). Water skiing usually takes many attempts just to "get up" on the skis. You can learn to do it without ever needing to turn if you want to ski directly behind the boat, and you really don't need to know how to stop or even slow down. So in snow skiing the challenge lies in keeping your speed under control, while water skiing the challenge is successfully standing up on the skis (at least at the beginner's level).

Water skiing can be fun, but IMHO it is nothing like snow skiing. It doesn't even compare.
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