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Midwest Video HELP NEEDED!!

Need you guys advice on what I could do better making this video...

woops...can't post a link yet so here what you can past in youtube to find it...any advice is appreciated thanks - RJ

Buck Hill Video Contest 2012 - Entry #10

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In my own opinion, I think it would be best if you showcase more of ski and snowboard tricks in a nice sport in the ski resort. Or else show the wonderful features of the ski resorts. But overall, the video is great.

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The music sucks, reminds of something you'd hear in a 70s era supermarket or elevator, music can inspire all sorts of emotions from excitement to frustration to calm serenity, skiing also does this i'd be tempted to play with a musical montage as well as the visual one you already have going on which is easy on the eye as it is. If this is a competition to promote the mountain I wonder if somehow you can convey more info about lessons etc without detracting from the mood? The shots were enough to keep me watching in spite of the music but I did not learn anything about the hill. Other than its pretty and people smile a lot on planks! Good luck by the way and please do post any edits you do. X
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