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My feet ache CONSTANTLY in my boots -- What's the problem?!?!?

I started skiing when I was six years old....I am 34 now and for most of my life skiing has been an absolute joy for me. For the past 8 or so years I have been having problems finding a ski boot that is comfortable. My feet (the bottoms of my feet) are constantly aching making skiing painful and unenjoyable. I went to a local ski shop and spoke with the representative there and he suggested putting custom soles in a pair of new boots....which i did....and today was my first day out and my feet were aching before I even took my first run....Brand new boots with custom soles and STILL painful results....I had to go in after two runs and take off my boots because I was in agony. It's the bottom/arches of my feet that ache. I need to get this resolved because I really want to get back into skiing every weekend like i did when i was younger....i am a father now and want to share the joy of skiing with my family. Please help me!! Any advice would be appreciated.

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I think that custom soles probably ARE the answer: but it depends on the custom soles and it sounds like you will need proper orthotics as well as you may have fallen arches. Here in London we all use http://www.profeet.co.uk/ski_index.asp - having a look on their website may help. You might also want to consult a podiatrist who specialises in problem feet. Good luck.

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get some heat moulded Salomon boots - not cheap but good
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There are professional boot fitters and they should get the job done but I would suggest a visit to an orthopedist, or a Podiatrist who is trained as a surgeon, and have them look at your feet, the problem might be obvious to them.
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If you you already have custom orthotics, you should have enough support in your arch to prevent pain or cramping.

How tight do you crank up your boots?......That may be the problem.

Most people have their boots too tight, and it cuts off the circulation to the lower foot.

You should be able to boot up, make an adjustment or two after a few runs and that would it the rest of the day. If you have a little movement in your boots, no big deal.

If you still have pain, go back and have your rep check to see if the liner or shell is causing any pressure points on your foot.

They SHOULD be able to help you out.

Just a thought.................
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