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Near death accident

I am writing this because I am getting bored out of my mind. Three weeks ago today I fall down the big couloir at big sky ski resort. I was busting some beutiful turns on icy snow when suddenly I was launched forward resulting in a slide down the rocky chute. As I slid forward I tried to self arrest by first getting my skis in front of me and trying to hault, and then using my ski poles. All attempts proved worthless and I picked up more speed that resulted in a tumble head over heals multiple times. The ride finally ended with my apperaence at the apron of the chute. Altoghther I tumbled nearly 1500 feet and If i wasn't wearing a helmet I would have surely died. Amazingly the only thing that hurt was my knee. After my buddy conclused that I was alright I tried to ski away, determining then that I defintly tore something in my knee. MRI results showed that I tore my acl,mcl,lcl,pcl, fractured knee cap, strained platella tendon, severe soft tissue damage, and impaction fractures on distal femur and tibia. I just recenlty had emergency surgery. I cannot walk, my knee is killing me, and it is turning out to be a beutiful spring that should be spent carving sugary snow. I was wondering if anybody had any advice to get through this tough time.

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crashing hurts
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Wow, that sounds like a spectacular crash. I'm glad that you made it out alive. Kudos on wearing that helmet!

I don't have any suggestions on killing time, other than maybe learning a foreign language or mastering some X-Box games....

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WOW. Glad you made it. I would say work more and make more money...then next season you can buy more equipment for your return.
try and try again:D
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Wow, that sounds like a scary experience! Glad to hear that you're out alright, just be thankful you're still alive!
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