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Need advice on a ski trip...

Hello all, newbie here looking for some informed advice on selecting a slope for an upcoming trip. We have been completely Brett Favre-ing on our decision making so I'm turning to a higher power.

The group will be 4 guys (all around 30) and the trip is planned march 5-7 (friday-sunday). We will be leaving from the Toledo Ohio region and the furthest place we are considering is Snowshoe WV, which is 436 miles away. Personally, I'd prefer something closer, say 7 Springs, but this is where we've come to a standstill.

If anyone has any advice whatsoever on any slopes somewhere within a 300 mile radius of Toledo, you'd be doing all of us a great favor. We are looking for a place with a decent vertical and decent nightlife. Price isn't much of an issue; and we'd like to stay someplace on the slopes. Right now we are between 7 springs and snowshoe, but if anyone has had better experiences elsewhere, I'm extremely eager to hear. Thanks in advance for any help.

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