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New skis

I am currently just looking around for skis that can do it all, but mostly for street riding, such as boxes and buttering, a ski that has a good flex or what you say as the perfect flex.

i am currently looking at the suspects, but idk if it is really for jibbing and street riding.

any skis you recommend for those needs?

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New Skis

I would definitely recommend the Suspects, I would also consider looking at the Volkl Bridge, Armada AR6 and Rossignol S3. All good choices, but it depends primarily on where you ski mostly and conditions. Honestly, its come to the point where a rounded skier needs two pairs to accomplish all they want on the mtn.

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Originally Posted by BoulderSkier View Post
Armada AR6
armada's are amazing, and have some of the sickest designs.
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