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Newly sharpened skis


I usually fly down any straight groomed run with no problem. However, I decided to get my skis waxed because they were sometimes sticking on certain surfaces and I couldn't skate as fast as usual (ie. wax is gone). Then, waxing and sharpening come together. I always forget what happens until I go on the skis the first time after the sharpen. The skis dig down hard into the groomed runs like a hot knife with butter - logically. However, this makes carving much harder than usual. I was carving so hard down a hill snow was flying everywhere but I wasn't slowing down.

I'd like to blame this on the sharpened skis, but is it my technique? After 3 or 4 runs the middle edges of my skis were significantly duller than the edge of my tips..and by that point I was fine again..What's going on?
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